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Anyone here wanna discuss TF2 related topics? Please keep this thread PG-13 and below. You may post TF2 related artworks.

I recently made a doodle:…
Indicolite Gemsona Concept Sketch
This is a basic sketch of my Gemsona Indicolite. I don't have a stylus, so I drew this with my finger.

Gemstone: Indicolite

Gem Type: Tourmaline

Pronouns: He/Him

Weapon: Hot Blue Fire

Occupation: Healer

Personality: Heart-of-gold, Determined, Unconventional, Introverted, Awkward

Locations: Earth's Prime Kindergarten (Home), Earth's Abandoned Medical Spire (Team)

Alliance: Med-Spire Crew 

Abilities: Super-speed, Near-perfect Recall, Accurate Predictions, Photographic Visualization

Bio: Indicolite is a Gem with a defect similar to autism in humans who escaped Homeworld and ran to Earth to heal the Corrupted and injured Gems and humans that remain. Shortly after his creation, Indicolite and a Purple Tourmaline were assigned to work for an Agate as technical attendants. The Agate soon determined that Indicolite was defective, and sentenced him to death. Purple Tourmaline then ran away with Indicolite, where they became stowaways on an Earthbound dropship. During the Rebellion, they stayed at the Beta Kindergarten as fugitives, and inhabited the mishapen exit holes. During this time, Purple Tourmaline suffered a tragic fall and shattered from the force of the impact. After he collected the shards of his fallen teammate, the devastated Indicolite was taken in by a rebel Gem named Glass, who prevented Indicolite from being Corrupted. Soon after the war ended, Indicolite moved to the Prime Kindergarten, where he excavated a hole and turned it into his humble abode. After a few millennia, he got back in touch with Glass, and despite her team's disapproval of working with an Off-Colored Gem, managed to get Indicolite into the Med-Spire Crew, where he now works. He also has a growing relationship with a defective Ametrine that was left behind after the war, and truly loves her. Their fusion is known as Idocrase.

Hypothetical Voice Actor: Freddie Highmore

Trivia: Indicolite is a member of the Med-Spire Crew, which is Skinny's interpretation of the Gem version of The Good Doctor, since she is not an original person. He is meant to represent the character Shaun Murphy.

His appearance is mostly inspired by Blue Pearl.

He is the only Gem in the Beaniverse who excavated a Kindergarten exit hole into a Gem base.

Unlike his external fandom counterpart, he often wears his hair over his eyes in public. This was inspired by Blue Pearl.

Though he doesn't have a technical Gem room,  it would appear as a mostly empty stone room, with a few old books and bubbled relics scattered about.

He has high functioning autism, and abilities that are similar to Shaun Murphy's talents.
Theia (Orpheus)
Theia, also known as Orpheus, was the ruler of planet Theia, and seems to be the only one who knows what it was like. She crashed her planet into Earth in the early Solar system, and now resides on the Moon. Mysterious and a bit of a hermit, she rarely talks to anyone, but feels very guilty for crashing her world into Earth.


No journal entries yet.


Hi. I am Bean, and I draw stuff! I draw Steven Universe and Ninjago fan art by hand. I might also draw other things from time to time. My inspiration is HetaliaBermie. I love music as well, especially Coldplay and Madeon!


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