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The Beauty Of Emotion by SkinnyBean101 The Beauty Of Emotion :iconskinnybean101:SkinnyBean101 2 0 Cubic Zirconia by SkinnyBean101 Cubic Zirconia :iconskinnybean101:SkinnyBean101 3 1 Ninjago Ask Us by SkinnyBean101 Ninjago Ask Us :iconskinnybean101:SkinnyBean101 0 0


Irises contract
emblazoned with the burst of a thousand yellow flares
as I grasp the air in vain
in reach for your face.
along with a million other people
swaying under one haunting, crooning voice
of a faraway
underwater siren
reflected in the thrums of your voice and your music
cry out with tones of empathy and climactic euphoria.
with secret chords
the wispy strands of love to the heart
You playfully tug at each one;
drawing tears
making us raise our hands in bliss
plucking out stars from each other's eyes
alight with a passion rekindled under one name.
A cacophonic gamble is our game just to bring you back
from the shadows of rest.
The simultaneous echo of our hands
Clamoring for fulfillment
Conveys our pursuit.
Achieving its purpose, you come again
Offering your fruit, the pop cult of your name.
We fed
We feasted with a ravenous ear
Whilst sporting a rapidly, feverishly beating heart
Secretly afraid,
That you will not come back.
With the union of
:icongeixxxa:geixxxa 1 0
The Privet thoughts of zane
         I feel quite robotic. Empty some would say. However, I am starting to question if what I am feeling is true as of now. I used to think that what I was feeling and thinking were emotions and thoughts, but now question if they were ever there. I think I feel very hollow. I am not sure anymore.
    I have started to believe, that I am not much different from a computer. Gathering, and storing information, for my own personal use. I would like to think there is a line drawn between a computer and me. I am disturbed with the idea of being just a piece of machine.
     Collecting my moments into a correspondence, it seems. I have come to realize I might be part of a composite. How did this odd dream of life turn into a nightmare of cogs and wires? I know that I lack their organics, their perspective. I am simply a piece of a puzzle that is replaceable
:iconsainarutosasuke1:sainarutosasuke1 7 5
Abnormal dreams
I awoke with a chill sweeping over my metallic body, the air around was frigid and I shivered slightly. 'How odd' I thought, as I looked around for any sort of hint to where I was, but everything seemed very foggy as I sat up. 'A dream' I acknowledged, recognizing the small bed in which I had awoken.  'This was my home in the forest. It explains why everything is so cold.'
                   Looking around and finding that a door to a room was open, a voice coming from inside it. Curiosity took its toll and I had begun moving toward the door, not remembering even standing up. The way I moved felt very sluggish and I attempted to walk faster, but found that it made things even blurrier, and stopped any further attempts. As I got closer to the door, I made out the voice to be male and noted that it sounded almost similar to mine, but was not quite the same. 'Perhaps it is because I'm
:iconsainarutosasuke1:sainarutosasuke1 6 3
That moment when you realize
That your whole life
Is a lie
Shattered fragments of former realities
Rain down upon you
In a twisted blizzard of bits and pieces
Assembling in a new order
Creating a new backstory
And suddenly
Your past is both whole
And in a million billion little bits
Others accept you
More than you accept yourself
And you can't react
Because suddenly
You don't believe your own voice
You know it isn't real
And that the others are just reacting to
Something that doesn't exist
You know you don't deserve a name
Why would you ever
You're not real
And even though some part of you
Deep, deep down
Is trying to accept this reality like the others
There's another part
Stronger, faster, larger
That's denying you exist
That you're equal
That you're true
That you deserve this life
That you can be yourself
And so you lay shattered
Immortal, yet broken
Waiting for someone to put you back together
And remind you that you're valued
Cared for
Cared about
But no one
:icongreenwood-wolf:Greenwood-Wolf 19 6
drunk!ninja: party hard
a short fic to go with my sketch dump, ahah. Takes place after the ninja find the Fangblades (episode 13!!) Enjoy. :meow:
This was a new feeling for Zane. It wasn't love, the newest so far, or anything else. It simply made him feel vulnerable, uncomfortable...and yet, he had a strange urge to continue downing the odd contents of this glass.
The Fangblades were in their possession, he should have felt as high as the sky—but his heart felt heavy, as his head was light, and with the pink lights all around him and the shine of the disco ball in the middle of the room, and his friends talking excitedly, Zane felt overwhelmed.
He sat in a corner, the world spinning, his whole body warm from the effects of the wine. Was this how it felt to get drunk? He peered down into his glass, the shiny reflective surface of the bottom staring back at him.
"Hey, Zane!" Someone pulled his arm up and he nearly dropped the glass in shock. Jay's green eyes were alive and his cheeks slightly pink
:iconasdfwaffles:asdfwaffles 15 32
Breaking the Ice
Author’s note: I got done in time for Ninjago’s fifth anniversary! Whoo! This is dedicated to my dad, who proofread this for me even while he had the flu. You’re the best, Dad! <3
Genre: Action, humor, friendship
Words: Too many 8726
Summary: The four ninja have finally gotten their hands on the scythe of earth when Sensei decides they need a team building exercise. After all, Kai has only just joined the three others. Suddenly they find themselves smack in the middle of an icy forest, and they need to make shelters before it gets dark. But they can’t do much when Kai keeps messing it up! When everything goes wrong and Kai’s life is on the line, he needs to make a choice. To trust... or not to trust?
Warning! Puns and memes ahead!
Breaking the Ice
“Alright, bad news, guys,” Jay's high-pitched voice came from behind a pile of snow. He hurried around it and stood panting for a moment as he tried to catch h
:iconelectric-bluejay:Electric-Bluejay 8 10
Madeon and Porter Robinson by kittoditto Madeon and Porter Robinson :iconkittoditto:kittoditto 7 1 icarus by cosmicatastrophe icarus :iconcosmicatastrophe:cosmicatastrophe 6 16 Draw your squad base #1 Monopoly night by Diamondblingbling Draw your squad base #1 Monopoly night :icondiamondblingbling:Diamondblingbling 1,028 212 Barefoot Loli Adventurer (+speedpaint) by Rainry Barefoot Loli Adventurer (+speedpaint) :iconrainry:Rainry 210 11 Flicker by Nova-Neko-Chan Flicker :iconnova-neko-chan:Nova-Neko-Chan 13 1 Icarus by Nova-Neko-Chan Icarus :iconnova-neko-chan:Nova-Neko-Chan 13 0 Worlds Wallpaper by Nova-Neko-Chan Worlds Wallpaper :iconnova-neko-chan:Nova-Neko-Chan 19 1 Fellow Feeling Wallpaper by Nova-Neko-Chan Fellow Feeling Wallpaper :iconnova-neko-chan:Nova-Neko-Chan 4 0 Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World by handred800 Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World :iconhandred800:handred800 5 0 Porter Robinson And Madeon by Shaniyani Porter Robinson And Madeon :iconshaniyani:Shaniyani 5 0


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The Beauty Of Emotion
Just a Recolor I did.

It is supposed to embody the emotions and expiriences that one feels during a concert or show. I feel like concerts are where you discover who you are meant to be, or at least a piece of that destiny...
Anyone here even know about them?

If you do then we can discuss reviews, OCs, headcanons, or anything to do with the series.

I'm keeping my stuff to myself for a future project for later, but you may talk about your thoughts.
Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia is my Gemsona. He is based on Zane from Ninjago.

He is a Crystal Gem.

Cubic Zirconias are more robotic, and aren't considered real Gems on Homeworld. They have the ability to manipulate ice and to project a holographic screen. Their purpose is to be a database for storing information.

His weapons are ice shurikens.

Find out more on my Ninja Gems AU Story.

Do not steal my art or Gemsona. Steven Universe is copyright of Cartoon Network.

Cubic Zirconia belongs to me.
Ninjago Ask Us
Hi! Welcome to Ninjago Ask Us where you can ask the characters some fan questions!

Ever been curious about what the Ninja do off-screen? Ever wanted to personally ask them a question? Go right ahead and ask!

Note that there are some rules to making an ask:

- Only one question at a time. Don't ask me to answer your question either.
- Please only ask content that is clean.
- Don't ask something that has been answered.
- Crossover asks will rarely be answered. They will only be answered if I now the crossover fandom well, and if the crossover ask isn't too fanciful or shipping related.
- Shipping related asks will very rarely be answered. Only canon ships are allowed.
- Don't make an ask that is rude or mean towards a character.
- Please, only do asks in English. I don't have any translating software. I apologize for this inconvenience.
- Never copy my art.

*Disclaimer* I do not own Ninjago. This is only a fan made ask blog.


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Hi. I am Bean, and I draw stuff! I draw Steven Universe and Ninjago fan art by hand. I might also draw other things from time to time. My inspiration is HetaliaBermie. I love music as well, especially Coldplay and Madeon!


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