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Looking for Trouble
Dr. Julien looked up from the machine he was tinkering with at his work desk and turned towards the source of the voice. Zane, a young robot he’d built from spare parts, was standing behind him, a look of inquisitiveness on his face.
“Yes, son?” he asked.
“What’s a treehorn?”
Julien froze. A sudden, unbidden wave of panic washed over him at just the mention of the word. Still, he did his best to appear calm. He didn’t want Zane to notice, hoping to avoid awkward questions. He took a quick, calming breath before replying.
“Ah.” Dr. Julien thought for a moment, still unsure of how to answer. “Well, they’re large, dangerous creatures. Why do you want to know about those, anyway?”
“One of my books mentions them, but there are no pictures or information, so I was curious.”
Dr. Julien laughed in an attempt to shake off the alarm. “I wouldn’t worry about it, son. As long as yo
:iconskylarkstarflower:SkylarkStarflower 5 3
This Means War *FINALE* Ch. 23: Fireworks
Spending the whole day with Kai was like a dream. I couldn’t imagine anything better. Of all the time I imagined meeting Kai, I never imagined it would turn out like this. But what bothered me was, what does he think of me? Does he think of me as his girlfriend? Or as a friend? Or as a random-girl-he-found-at-a-club-and-will-hang-out-with-for-a-few-days-then-get-a-new-girl? I would prefer the preceding options instead.
But none the less I’ve been having a great time. “Here, take these ones over there” Kai smiled, handing me a stack of fireworks. I was really bad at reading Kai, I thought… I desperately wanted to know what he was thinking.
I was usually a really loud and talkative person, you know, bubbly and slightly annoying. But when I was around Kai, I barely spoke at all. I don’t really know why. What’s happening to me? I guess I just want to hear him talk. Apparently love makes me shut up. Speaking of love, before I didn’t really th
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 24 61
This Means War - Ch. 21: Stolen
I woke up that morning and walked out to breakfast. I yawned and sat in my chair.
“Morning…” I said as Zane handed me some Cereal.
“Morning” Everyone said back. I noticed the gang was unusually quit this morning. There was usually happy chatter throughout our table. But today everyone was staring at their food in silence.
I noticed Nya wasn’t at the table and thought about asking where she was. But decided against it, for fear the guys would tease me. Although no one looked like they were really in the teasing mood.
They were all so quiet. Even Sensei didn’t say anything. They acted like World War III took place last night. Which, I guess, in a sense… It sort of… Did.
We heard footsteps and Nya walked out into the Kitchen, rubbing her eyes.
“G’ morning…” She grumbled, trying her best to sound happy.
“Morning.” We all said back.
Her hair was unusually ruffled, I noticed, and she had dark purple
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 12 22
This Means War- Ch. 20: Healing
We ran to Nya.
She had crashed into a table and was clutching her head. Jay and I knelt down next to her. “Ugn…” She moaned, grabbing her head. Her face had a horrible red welt where Stacia had slapped her, surrounded by some nasty scratch marks, courtesy of her too-long fingernails.
“Nya? Are you okay?” I asked quietly.
I wasn’t sure if she heard me at first. But then she mumbled grumpily “Yes. I’m fine…”
I turned to Sensei and nodded towards him. He nodded back. He led Kai, Sue and Zane away from us, rambling about the food here or something, giving us space.
I turned back to Nya, who still had her eyes shut tight, and pushed her palms against her head, as if was about to explode.
“Nya,” I said, concerned, “Are you actually okay?”
“Yes, of course!” She managed a weak smile. “Here, I’ll show you! Let me just stand up-”
“Nya, I don’t think that’s
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 9 26
This Means War - Ch. 19: Confessions of Love
The entire crowd gasped.
Kai, Zane, and I were stunned into silence. Nya was blushing furiously.
Jay’s eyes widened for a few moments, then they closed and he leaned into Stacia’s kiss, instead of pulling away.
After several long seconds, Stacia finally broke away. Jay looked breathless. Stacia stuck her tongue out at Nya, “Ha!” She laughed, smiling from ear to ear.
Nya’s face was as red as her dress now, contorted out of anger and rage. Her hands clenched into tight little fists. She opened her mouth to speak, then shut it as soon as she had opened it. I expected her to start chasing Stacia around the club with some Samurai weapon.
But what she did next surprised me even more.
She grabbed the front of my shirt in her fist, pulled me close, and kissed me.
She kissed me hard.
She kissed me out of rage. She kissed me out of jealousy. She even kissed me out of fear.
But… there was something else too.
But, no matter what the reason, I didn’
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 16 32
This Means War - Ch. 18: The Outrage
“Stop. Just… Stop.” Nya said, fuming.
We both relaxed and looked away, feeling guilty, unsure of what to say next.
“Look. We don’t need to be fighting right now, let’s save this for later.” She turned towards Jay. “We just finished our dance, and you’ve turned it into a complete NIGHTMARE! I at least want to know who won.” Nya looked exasperated. Jay looked appalled. She turned towards the DJ’s table and gestured for him to continue.
“Alrighty then!” Came his booming voice, a little uncertain. “Let’s have all our dancer’s come on back out on the floor. How about we give them a warm welcome!” He started clapping and the rest of the crowd followed along.
I regained my composure, as if the fight never happened, put on a smile, and took Nya’s hand. I guided her graciously back to the middle of the dance floor, while our rivals, the schmucks that they are, were playin’ it up ou
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 10 29
This Means War - Ch.17: Lightning Storm
Out of the corner of my eye I saw what he was doing, even before it happened. At lightning speed I pulled Nya up and pushed her away as far as I could without hurting her. And I was just in time. Right as Nya was out of range, the bolt hit.
The crowd stopped clapping and gasped as electricity surged and cracked through the club.
It didn’t hurt that much, it was just the force that knocked the wind out of me, and blew me to the ground, and I crashed into a table. The fact that so much power could be withheld in such a teeny, awkward, teenage ninja baffles me. The lightning left me all tingly. “Ow…” I mumbled.
Jay held his nun-chucks out, completely enraged.
Dangit! I never should have done this! I knew it was too good to be true to try to get Nya to like me! I even tried to kiss her! I silently cursed my hopeless-romantic-fool self.
“WHAT THE HECK, COLE!?” Jay screamed, slowly stomping out to the dance floor.
I stood up slowly, still a little
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 11 19
This Means War: Ch. 16: A Grande Finale
He curled his arm, which I was holding, all the way back to him and hugged me close. Then he winked at me and unraveled his arm so fast I spun around and around until I was dizzy. He spun me off the end of his arm and let go of my hand. I spun around a few more times, and then stopped. It seemed like the whole club stopped everything to watch Cole’s Triple Tiger Sashay. I saw this crazy, determined look in his eye. That’s when I knew he could do it.
One flip.
Two flips.
Three flips.
And he lands it! And the look on his face is just amazed. I was so proud, I just wanted to run up and hug him!
But I couldn’t forget my part. Cole held his arm out to me and I spun into it. He brought us together se we were facing each other, face to face. He curved his arm around my back and dipped me back towards the floor. And I didn’t even care how close my head came to the floor. There was nowhere safer than where I was right now.
The crowd went wild. Completely nuts. C
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 11 32
This Means War - Ch. 15: An Old Friend
“Yes! Let’s give a round of applause for our first pair of dancers! Andrew and Stacia!” The DJ said as we passed the dancers.
“COLEY?” Said a shrill voice, as we approached the rival dance team. I turned to see the girl who keeps pestering my friends, as we were walking to the dance floor. There’s only one person that ever called me that, and that was a very long time ago.
“Um…yes?” I said cautiously to her.
“It’s me! Stacia!”
“Uh… How do we know each other?” I said, only think of one Stacia I’ve ever met in my life, and hoping the similarities between the two were just coincidences.
“It’s me! Stacia Simpson!” She said with wide arm gestures.
Oh…no. I could practically feel my face turn white. “What is it?” asked Nya.
“Uh. Um…Stacia was…um…” I coughed. “M-my old dance partner…” I whispered quick
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 10 15
This Means War - Ch. 14: The Curtain Call
Stupid Kai. What does he know. Plus, it’s not like I told Nya and Stacia to fight over me, it just happened! What was I supposed to do? Tell them to not have a dance off? Tell them that I choose Nya? They probably would have had a dance off anyway! Or Stacia would have just ended up beating up Nya….Well not like Nya couldn’t defend herself.
I snickered at the thought of Nya, the super tough Samurai, beating the crap out of girly little Stacia.
But I do love Nya! I really do! She consumes all my thoughts, everyday. I have no reason to even consider choosing Stacia over Nya. But…well…I don’t know! I just don’t know what to do! Nya was the first girl in my life to even give me the time of day, and now there’s another one! And she’s hot!
I-I just didn’t know what to do…
After a very long silence between us, Kai finally spoke.
He whispered, “You know, if you don’t love Nya that is completely fine
:iconfanfiction-princess:Fanfiction-Princess 9 5


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I love nonsense words.

My personal favorite is "Bep".

What are yours?
My honest view on the universe is that nothing happens for a reason. Everything just is.

I think the universe is too big for there to be any actual spiritual meaning.

Now, RESPECTFULLY, tell me what you think
Why must all the good games have such poisonous communities!?

I mean, the community is usually okay, but there are so many OD'ers, trolls and political radicals!

The Beauty Of Emotion
Just a Recolor I did.

It is supposed to embody the emotions and expiriences that one feels during a concert or show. I feel like concerts are where you discover who you are meant to be, or at least a piece of that destiny...
Anyone here even know about them?

If you do then we can discuss reviews, OCs, headcanons, or anything to do with the series.

I'm keeping my stuff to myself for a future project for later, but you may talk about your thoughts.


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Hi. I am Bean, and I draw stuff! I draw Steven Universe and Ninjago fan art by hand. I might also draw other things from time to time. My inspiration is HetaliaBermie. I love music as well, especially Coldplay and Madeon!


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